Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Secure remote access for people on the move

There are many advantages to working remotely, however there is one big problem that companies have to approach, and that is security. When it comes to remote portal and information access security is on the top of most companies list.  So how do you ensure that employees are not hindered by lots of security measures but valuable information is not put at risk?

Up until now, security solutions have either been very secure but devilishly difficult to use or the solution would be easy to use but not so strong on security.  Cloudkey delivers the best of both worlds and can be used in any computer with a USB slot, leaving no footprint behind in terms of browser history and user activity – ideal for BYOD environments.

Looking like a simple USB Modem (dongle), the Option Cloudkey offers much more by providing a platform for building secure internet and intranet access solutions.

Cloud key integrates market proven Vasco DIGIPASS authentication* with Option’s 3G communications technology to provide an all in one product that simplifies strong, secure access to sensitive applications in private corporate networks and Intranets. When used in conjunction with Anvil’s business grade 3G data service, security is strengthened by using a fixed IP address on the SIM which will give a un-contended internet connection plus a unique user name and password for each SIM. This means that data does not traverse the public internet with the result that the service is more robust, reliable, secure, and performs better than standard, consumer grade 3G services.

Corporate firewalls can be configured to only allow the correct IP address into the private network. Then, the combination of Option and Vasco security restricts the user to authorised applications only. All the user has to do is to enter their DIGIPASS password to gain access. Different models of Cloudkey allow DIGIPASS passwords to be set to varying levels of security – static, a one-time password and application specific.

Cloudkey can be deployed in any situation where users require secure, highly available internet connectivity combined with strong authentication for internet and intranet access in government, finance, banking, health authorities, commercial and industrial enterprises. Also, where DIGIPASS technology has already been deployed there is now a safe way to extend the service with mobile 3G communications.

The solution is modular and expandable and can be tailored to the specific requirements of an application or corporate policy. A USB port is used to power the Cloudkey, however, there is no software needed on the device and once a session has been terminated there is no footprint left on the PC/Laptop/tablet – this includes no browsing history or record of user activity.

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